Nicosia Shop, Athalassas ave.

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This shop is a privately owned building with 800sqm floor space, sufficient parking place and can be considered as one of the biggest retailers in consumer electronics in Cyprus.


The production selection comprises up to 50,000 products and specializes in the following fields:


  • Telecommunication Products and Services
    Mobile phones, Cordless, Corded, GPS systems, Accessories
  • Information Technology
    Laptops, Personal Computers, Peripherals, Consumables
  • Hi-Fi Sound and Vision
    Televisions, Digital Cameras, DVD players, Home Cinema
  • Electronic Parts and Components
    Cables, Batteries, Lamps, Power supplies, Satellite
  • Electronic Gaming
    Consoles, Video Games and Accessories
  • Household Appliances
    Kitchen Appliances, Personal Care


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26 Athalassas avenue




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